On the right track

About us

”VeraVia” means an honest and true way in Italian. That way we want to go with our customers and employees. It is important for us to act responsibly, with high quality and always in a customer-oriented way. We are continually committed to developing and innovating – for the benefit of our customers.

Our mission is to create value for our customers’ business by acting reliably and sustainably, as well as developing high quality and innovative, personalized service solutions.

Our goal is to redeem our value promise in every customer contact with responsible and respectful practices. We want to bring a face to your company and products aswell as desired results without worries and extra costs.

VeraVias biggest strengths are

  • High quality and productive work
  • High customer and employee satisfaction
  • Easy and smooth cooperation
  • Educated and motivated staff selected according to your brand
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Continuous quality development
  • Sustainable goals and principles of responsibility

In a year we operate more than:


promotion hours


store shelving hours

Our story

The story of VeraVia starts from 2009, when experienced and long term ex-Kesko’s store owner Rami Kujala founded VeraVia, a provider of promotional and shelving services.

Today we have office and warehouse in Pirkkala, from which our operations are managed and organized. We rely on a low-level management organization and responsible supervisor work, where supervisors are trained and encouraging creative and exemplary engagement with modern tools and frameworks.

We have active field workers approx 50 and there are over 20 of them in Finland’s largest city – in addition, nearly 100 pairs of extrahands can be found in our comprehensive network seasonally according to your needs. Our staff consists of long-term professionals and new talents, on wich trainings we have invested significantly. Our staff is also actively involved in maintaining and developing well-being and satisfaction at work.


”A partner should be chosen as the partner with which the relationship brings significant benefits and added value to the market.” – Ståhle & Laento

We have signed cooperation agreements with reliable, responsible and competent partners. We also have a lot of successful experiences with a wide range of local stakeholders.

Our forms of cooperation have usually been with different events, of which we have found ways to benefit both parties.We are able to instantly list many successful collaborative examples on the table that can and should be duplicated in other locations!

We believe in the power of mutual cooperation. Want to do win-win cooperation with us? Contact Rami Kujala