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Event production

Do you want a reliable and knowledgeable event producer?

From us you will find him and the whole event team that will be harnessed for your use!

Our event production is the organization of event-centered shopping center events, customer events and various corporate events. The goal of events is always to influence the people involved in the event: consumers, corporate customers or company staff.
Together we will choose a theme that will support your marketing – the rest you can leave to our professional event producers and party designers. A stylish and high quality event will surely strengthen your brand.

Our event office and program service organizes, for example, various shopping center events, public and private events, seminars, staff festivals, Christmas parties, talent events, charity campaigns, theme events, boutiques and fairs.

You just need us for your event, because we take care off:

· Shopping center events and customer events with different themes
· Indicators of creative campaign planning and success
· Security plans and permit issues
· Stakeholder consultation and activation
· Full event staff
· Presenters and event hosts
· Performers
· Sound, light and image technology
· Insights and Scenes
· Exhibition structures
· Catering
· Programming
· Arranging a venue
· Marketing and sales
· Invitations and Invoicing

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The shopping center marketing

How to make profitable shopping center marketing?
How to take the various stakeholders in the shopping center equally into account?
How to make commercial events in the mall?
How do I create customer attraction in a shopping center?
What are the new implementation possibilities?

Challenge us and make an appointment, we’ll tell you!

We know well the shopping center world and business. We have 10 years of experience in producing event marketing, where we have been outsourced to even more clients by event marketing, where we produce all the events of their year as a pair of marketing manager in the mall. We serve you in small and bigger events!

Our strengths include strong knowledge and trend knowledge of retail and various stores, a strong ethical value world, sales, marketing and project management expertise, a professional network and its exploitation, change responsiveness, rapid response capability, innovation and courage.

Request a quote for our following services:

· Production of an individual event or part of it
· Outsourced event marketing concept with annual contract
· An integrated marketing communications plan for events
· Information and public relations development plan for shopping center entrepreneurs and partners

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