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TeemaPromo® -serviceconcept

Do you want to take advantage of pre-programmed ideas and save money in design?

Or combine your product with an unforgettable experience and ensure the comfort and organization of your customers?

TeemaPromo® awakens your customers!

Product launch, theme day, children’s event – all the best ways to get your customers moving, in a good mood, and above all to buy. However, organizing the event is quite a hassle and, along with its own actions, it often leaves a lot to desire. Fortunately, VeraVia helps!

Our TeemaPromo® event service concept offers a large number of pre-themed events and activations, all of which are thought to be complete. Hollywood or Halloween, local food or the fairy-tale world – we organize employees, outfits and departments so that customers can see your event perfectly. All you have to do is tell us what you want your customers to offer and where you want them. We’ll take care of the rest.

To whom TeemaPromo® fits?

For supermarkets, grocery stores, specialty stores, car dealerships, spas, cruise ships, outdoor and indoor amusement parks, urban and municipal tourist promotions, congress and event centers, and suppliers: importers / manufacturers who want to market their products or services in an impressive and effective way.

Just for all the companies who want to promote the sale of their products or services in an experiential way and organize different celebrations and events for their customers or staff.

How TeemaPromo® stands out from our competitors’ services?

The concept has thought through a functional ensemble and processes around it. It comes with a cost-effective operating frame for small and large events, tailored to your needs. So we do not only offer a program number, we offer more!

We take our project to our skilled hands from start to finish, allowing your time to be more productive and cost-saving.

Our promoters are not ordinary product presenters, but carefully recruited and trained. We call them prominent promoters because they are ordinary people with great interaction and performance skills and the various abilities they want to offer for your commercial use.

Our performers are professionals that we have joined with different theme concepts. Likewise, the presenters are carefully selected and trained by us to meet customer expectations. Above all, TeemaPromo® is a fun and exciting promotional concept.

Why TeemaPromo®?

Get more with less, its effortless and a high support quality for your business, event service solution that you can choose from even more thematic content options!

For more information on different themes, visit our service website: www.teemapromo.fi

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